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On the other hand, for all people involved useful that you let these people born on December 31 to be the lead in relationships, and jobs. They will forget about pride and ego to get what they require — the place of the leader, since these people feel like that is the only place that they deserve in life.

Also, these people will do not need to be at the helm of the parade to show the world, but they must necessarily be the main behind the scenes — the one who organises and dominates all the actions, or the one who creates them. You can learn a lot about these people by knowing this fact about them, and you know now what is their driving force and passion in life.

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Capricorn is rarely in love with in some fast and furious, in their lives generally there is a measure, reason and caution; these are the traits that prevail in their love. But, finding the right partner, they become very passionate.

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In their youth, up to the thirties, they are extremely faithful. Later in life, in some mature years, when they acquired and secured material goods, they began to be interested in love achievements and finding a true match for their hearts. If they find a partner who better suits them than their spouse, they are prone to cheating, no matter how traditionalistic these people can be. Still, in most cases they are faithful.

No, these are general characteristics of Capricorns; do people who are born on the last day of the year have all of these characteristics or just some of them? People who are born on December 31 are generous with feelings towards others, and they are those partners who have a lot to offer to their closest people, there is an entire specter of emotions that burn inside of them, but the main thing is that they rarely show sentiments in general.

They are always ready to acknowledge to others that they are right and correctness of their attitudes — these people are not as stubborn as you might expect from a person who belongs to Capricorn Zodiac sign.

In interpersonal relations, they are very gentle and loyal friends and partners, but also seek a lot of love in return — just because they are cold does not mean that they do not want to be loved with a passion. And in the end, these human beings are sincere and reliable, especially in the long-term relationship or marriage, but are sure that those who are born on December 31 will do anything to satisfy their emotional needs in the first place.

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Some knowledgeable people say that people who are born on the last day of December are very distinctive, in the sense that they have special abilities in various fields. These people are wise in judging and looking far ahead, and they are those who can see far in the future and make some critical decisions that will set the direction of the events that will come.

These people can find their perfect career in politics, although they can be pushed aside for more significant interest in purely intellectual and scientific matters -sometimes their goals go from one sphere to another. They might be a good chemist, electrician or scientist in general- we will remind you that all people who belong to Capricorn Zodiac sign are more turned to science than art.

In business terms, all indicators indicate that they should be successful and that after a few climbs and falls they will get enough to afford a pleasant life — if they live with the best of it within them, in balance and if track their abilities, they will have a successful experience. The symbolism of the date December 31 is hidden in number 4 — it is the number that represents the element from which you draw strength and a deep sense of reality. It is said that number 4 is the foundation of society with their innate sense of commitment, worthwhile work and superiority. Those who have number 4 are mostly people of the highest trust, practical, with feet firmly on the ground. Organisation and planning come with ease to these human beings; they will never leave the job incomplete. The essential qualities for this number are law and orders, calmness, stable growth, and the struggle against all kinds of restrictions.

Planetary influence comes from the double impact of the planet Saturn that is both natural ruler of all Capricorns and in charge of all number 4. Whoa, Nelly! Look at all those options, Aries! The reason for this has to do with the fact that Aries has a magnetic personality. Taurus folk tend to get a bad rap for being stubborn, but the reality is that they're just full of determination and there's definitely something to be said for that.

People who are determined get things done and are more likely to succeed than those who take a backseat to their own lives. Virgo, like Taurus, is hardworking with a deep sense of determination. In other words, Taurus, not only do Virgo and Pisces make for a delightful romance, but these two also have your back. Although the two-personality aspect of Gemini can seem daunting, they're quite affectionate and sweet.

Because of this, they appeal to Aquarius and Libra, signs that just love to eat up affection and attention. Granted, Gemini also wants a level of attention, but not as desperately as Aquarius and Libra. Gemini also does pretty well with other Geminis, because they're able to handle each other in ways that other signs may not be able to. Because Cancer can be a bit jealous, due to having watched too many romantic comedies growing up, Scorpio and Pisces fit the bill.

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Scorpio, with their meticulous attention to detail , can weave things in such a way so as to diffuse any jealousy on the part of Cancer. Pisces, although equally romantic as Cancer, provides a more even tone to the pairing, allowing for a smooth-sailing relationship — but not too smooth-sailing. Cancer does love their drama, after all. So Pisces would never take that completely away from them, meaning, Pisces can be dramatic when the moment calls for it. You're most compatible with Sagittarius, Libra, Gemini, and Aries. Because Leos tend to be demanding when it comes to love, these signs are willing to put up with this behavior.

Like any lion who thinks they run the show, Leo also needs to be admired, adored, and treated like royalty. While Sagittarius, Libra, and Gemini have no qualms in doing this for a Leo they love, Aries is a bit tougher to crack. What makes Aries and Leo work so well is the challenge they present each other: the lion and ram, staring each other down, inspiring a lust for life and love.

Since Virgo is an Earth sign , it's important that they stick to other Earth signs like Taurus and Capricorn. Not only do they complement each other, but they share a practical approach to all that life has to offer. Honestly, practical and practical go together like peanut butter and jelly. Yes, the peacefulness is a lovely contrast to brash Leo, but Libra and Leo also share something else: a love for the finer things in life.

However, similar to Gemini, Libra can also be compatible with a fellow Libra, making for a "beautiful and peaceful relationship. It's the mysterious quality that these signs share that make for a powerful union of love and happiness. Two Scorpios together feed off each other's love of secrecy, solving problems, and finding truth and justice. Pisces, although very much a contrast to Scorpio, also works, because they both have a seedy side to them that only each other can truly appreciate. Both are also fearless in their devotion to those they love, and when you're a sign that values devotion, you want to be with someone else that puts it on a pedestal too.

You're most compatible with Leo, Aries, Aquarius, and Libra. Since Sagittarius can get bored easily and a lot faster than most, they are able to deliver and keep things nice and spicy — a quality that these four signs find very desirable. Although Leo will never bore of talking and thinking about themselves, they will bore of situations, which make them and Sagittarius a fit.

As two of the most laid-back, anything-goes signs of the astrological chart, Aquarius and Libra are always up for an adventure, and adventures are Sagittarius' specialty. Aries may seem a bit uptight, at first glance, for Sagittarius, but Aries needs Sagittarius — even if it's only for a short-lived, whirlwind romance. A proper whirlwind would do Aries good.

You're most compatible with Pisces , Scorpio, Virgo, and Taurus. It's these signs that are up for the challenge of getting straight to the point, as Capricorns prefer.

Capricorns are a prickly lot. Not only do they want to get straight to the point, but they don't like to waste time — both the time of others and especially their own time. They can also be somewhat negative. Because of this, only Pisces, Scorpio, Virgo, and Taurus are willing to get involved because it just feels right, because it is right.

You won't find any short-lived relationships here, but long, happy ones that will be able to withstand whatever is thrown their way. As much as these three signs enjoy people , they put their freedom and independence above all else.